Persian Marriage Customs

Persian marital life traditions happen to be ancient. They are simply still then most families. Depending on the public status, dowry is considered crucial. This can bring about major clashes between families.

The wedding is definitely divided into two parts: Aghd and reception. The first part is certainly an official wedding service that is held before the wedding.

At the Aghd, the bride and groom sit in online dating safety tips front of a furnished table. The desk is protected with Sofreh, which is a classic Persian wedding ceremony furnishings. In the past, a glass pan with a green Narenj leaf was placed on the table. Wheat seeds were also added to the stand.

Ahead of the wedding, the couple need to ask the bride’s family for agreement. If they do not get a confident response, they can not have the wedding.

The bride’s house is usually cleaned. Female relatives in both sides belonging to the bride’s family visit the property. The female relatives present sweets and a shawl to the bride.

Relating to the night of the Baleh Boroon, the groom’s mother offers a gift for the bride. A female from the groom’s family is asked to the bride’s house and a cleaning ceremony is performed.

On the day belonging to the Baleh Boroon, both tourists accept the marriage. The newlyweds will be surrounded by friends and family and good friends. Traditionally, gold coins are given for the reason that gifts. These money are considered special because they stand for the couple’s commitment to each other.

After the Baleh Boroon, the couple celebrates their wedding ceremony. It can previous for several days and nights.

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