Managing Virtual Storage area

Managing electronic storage space requires a different methodology than taking care of physical storage devices. However , you are able to still use your components management console (HMC) to monitor your digital safe-keeping environment. This will allow you to see how your virtual storage capacity will be utilized.

The HMC offers you a view within the physical level, logical volumes, and storage pools inside the virtual storage area environment. This kind of view can be used to monitor your PowerVM(r) virtual storage area environment. It is additionally possible to modify the setup of your virtual storage units.

Your HMC will also provide you with to be able to view the physical and online SCSI connectors. You can also add and remove adapters. Also you can change the physical volume assignment. You can also see the end-to-end mapping for digital SCSI. You can also put VIOS to shared safe-keeping pool groupings.

When handling virtual safe-keeping, it is important to understand what the completely different management functions are. You will discover several types of management features: GETMAIN, FREEMAIN, CPOOL, and DELETE. Each one of these functions is used to allocate, evaluate, or erase storage.

GETMAIN is a administration function that allocates digital storage to a particular talk about space. This storage area is produced when the connected job issues FREEMAIN. The length of the storage allocated to a specific subpool is also specified. The GETMAIN request must include the subpool number.

CPOOL is a administration function that performs a couple of functions the same as GETMAIN. It can be used to build equal-sized bouts of storage area. It is also used to create chains of control blocks.

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